I crave the decapitation

Of the disembodied voices

I crave the ability

To handle the pressures

Of my daily life

I crave companionship

From those who know

How badly I struggle

Knowing I no longer

Have the fix I needed

To get through

The aggravation

Plaguing a traumatized mind

I crave the harmony felt

From social media profiles

Merely providing the illusion

Of fulfillment

I crave the desire

To not withdraw from society

With the same force

I withdrew from those fucking pills

I crave the understanding

Of other recovering addicts

I crave the ability

To manage the chaos

I crave the desire to actually

Get my damn life together

I crave adulthood

After a long stretch

Of drugs stunting my growth

I crave the peace

Which came with

Denying myself

To experience it

Without drugs

I crave not echoing

The violent waves

Beckoning me

To unleash

Bloodcurdling screams

I crave understanding

After drugs dimmed

Whatever kind of


I once possessed

And struggle to keep

Every time

I see a benzo

-Jacob R. Moses

Ubuntu (ABC) | Edge of Humanity Magazine

Ubuntu (ABC) | Edge of Humanity Magazine
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Artful portrayals of

Bionic nature transcend

Cosmic dimensions; where

Disco lights illuminate

Edgy sunsets upon

Focal points highlighting

Groovy chests; where

Hirsute terrains mark

Intrepid quests among

Jaunty dancers in

Karmic pursuit of

Lucid dreams in

Maverick fashion; as

Natty endings showcase

Oneiric displays of

Precise parameters; highlighting

Quantal figures in

Raring fashion with

Saucy smiles and

Trusty tongues upon

Utopic mouths; as

Vivid as the

Wily adventures of

Xenial rituals where

Yakkety guests approve

Zesty reckless abandon

Lost In Translation

Ennui – listless boredom

Saudade – painful longing for someone, somewhere, and/or something no longer there

Ubuntu – obligation to share with someone else

Ojalá – “May god will it!”

Schadenfreude – taking pleasure in someone else’s misery

Retrouvailles – ecstasy from a reunion between two people who care about each other

Waldeinsamkeit – deep connection to the woods

Énouement – seeing the future and not being able to recall it

Lagom – balance from moderation

Wei Wu Wei – “do without doing”

Hiraeth – homesickness from a place you may never return

Hygghe – comfort in eating and drinking with family

Litost – torment from seeing yourself miserable

Yuan Bei – sense of immense accomplishment

Wabi-Sabi – seeing beauty in imperfection

Lykke- state of emotional perfection

Sehnsucht – longing for an alternate state of reality

Tarab – transcendental state induced by music