“Grimoire” by Jacob R. Moses

This is the cover of my first full-length poetry book under Jacob R. Moses. The title of the book is “Grimoire.” For those unfamiliar with the word, it’s a book of spells used by magicians of all varieties (wizards, witches, etc). I doubt you will turn into frogs when you read this book, but biodiversity is a good thing. Thank you to the folx at ii Publishing for putting so much love into this book.

Thoughts on 9/11 – 20 years later…

Re: 9/11/2021

Though I have opinions and came into my own politically, there are no politics in my poem, “Landmark of Light”. There are no references to patriotism and bigotry. It is just a reflection of the pain we felt as New Yorkers. Every year gets more and more painful as names are read at Ground Zero and it’s okay to want to avoid video footage of the towers crashing down or hear the names of lives lost. I will certainly validate those feelings.

We as New Yorkers were confused, saddened and traumatized. I felt my stomach leap out of my throat when I got off the Staten Island Ferry heading to college and learned what death smelled like. At times, I walked past Ground Zero watching as first responders were putting out the flames. It was a scary time in many different ways. This is not going to be a time where our political ideologies get in the way of the unity and kindness we need as we mourn. This is going to be a time where we value life and hold each other up.