“Grimoire” by Jacob R. Moses

This is the cover of my first full-length poetry book under Jacob R. Moses. The title of the book is “Grimoire.” For those unfamiliar with the word, it’s a book of spells used by magicians of all varieties (wizards, witches, etc). I doubt you will turn into frogs when you read this book, but biodiversity is a good thing. Thank you to the folx at ii Publishing for putting so much love into this book.

Recovery Poetry

I will be the keynote poet at this event centered around the empowerment of people recovering from substance abuse. As someone who is in recovery from benzodiazepines, I am not only grateful to be alive. I am grateful to tell my story and empower those struggling with sobriety. Come one come all!

Landmark of Light

Upon a boat
one can survey the
merging of memories
projected upon the backdrop
of a skyline marred by fear

One can
spot the wall
opening up
as it separates
into a gateway
for the healing
of broken hearts

Knowing that it’s been
two decades
since we kept remembering
where we were that day
when lower Manhattan
became a metropolis of ghosts

Knowing that it’s been
two decades
since we remembered
in spite of our collective trauma
beckoning us to forget

Knowing that it’s been
two decades
since the monumental
loss of a monument

Sensations of sirens
and stenches
of sorrow
under the sunset
no longer feel
like such distant memories

This landmark
is a reminder
of how the spirit realm
formed a vortex
in which our souls
within the
phantom platoon
every September

Positioned at the helm
illuminated by two
luminescent monoliths
in place of stone

Standing stoically
as the heartbreak
of a nation
fixates upon a
landmark of light

-Jacob Moses

A month of recommendations and a message…

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Marguerite Rivas


Dr. Marguerite M. Rivas Appreciation Post

Sealey Challenge #24

OK, so I tried looking for work from Staten Island’s first poet laureate. However, I wasn’t able to find any books for sale. It’s just as well that I’m posting a video instead. Marguerite is a good friend of mine. She is one of the reasons I am a poet. I first saw her perform as part of a poetry troupe called The Sepoy Rebellion. I saw what she and the other poets were capable of conveying and my perception of the art form changed completely. A year later, I started performing at open mics and the rest is history.