Lost In Translation

https://youtu.be/eQul-rkcGPQ Ennui - listless boredom Saudade - painful longing for someone, somewhere, and/or something no longer there Ubuntu - obligation to share with someone else Ojalá - “May god will it!” Schadenfreude - taking pleasure in someone else’s misery Retrouvailles - ecstasy from a reunion between two people who care about each other Waldeinsamkeit - … Continue reading Lost In Translation

“Apartment Poems” by Cord Moreski

I just read the latest chapbook by Cord Moreski. “Apartment Poems” is a collection of anecdotes which are masterfully written. Moreski’s formula includes memories which slowly unravel as you read. The climactic build leads to a sense of awareness which serves as a gut punch. My favorite poem is “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” This … Continue reading “Apartment Poems” by Cord Moreski


https://youtu.be/FMLWXsV0E-M Rod Serling https://youtube.com/watch?v=NPcyTyilmYY&feature=share Alanis Morissette https://youtu.be/s3Wp_C0AHKk Simon & Garfunkel https://youtu.be/F2JvdcbkgtY Lawrence Ferlinghetti https://youtu.be/oDMYZncwBvk Saul Williams https://youtu.be/LFbE8RBhSDw Suheir Hammad https://youtu.be/OqN0jsSeqPo Erykah Badu https://youtu.be/OjHX7jf-znA Common https://youtu.be/7uG2gYE5KOs Janis Joplin https://youtu.be/rPP-t-aCfeA Amanda Gorman