Piss Me Off

Global Poemic

by Jack M. Freedman

You’re all alone
but they can all
hear you scream
from their apartments
as you wonder
you can’t find
a single
fast food
you can
use the bathroom

Just so you
don’t have to
hold in your urine
as you realize
that after 8PM
you can’t piss
in the SI Ferry Terminal
or on the boat

So therefore
I am writing a poem
that I know damn well
will never be published
by the local newspaper
I threw shade at
with a previous

that no words
could possibly
do more justice
than a middle finger emoji
that doesn’t even
do justice
to the message
I want to scream
across the Hudson River

 it reaches
the numbskull
who thought
it was a good idea
to restrict bathroom access
like Sheldon Cooper
and thought urination
wasn’t really
that damn essential


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“Lost & Found” by Michel M. Antoine

Jacob R. Moses

Sealey Challenge #13

The next book I am including in this challenge is from a woman I’ve gotten to know well through the ii Publishing family. I was fortunate to get to know her and be part of her IG Live release of “Lost & Found” We also performed on the same bill at the NYC Poetry Festival. Her voice and candor are amazing and she is all around a very kind person to boot. Whether you are lost, searching, or found, you will enjoy this book. Tonii Langhorne (Tonii2Eyes), the man behind ii Publishing, believes that poetry should create an experience and surely, you will have one reading “Lost & Found”.

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“(HER)” by tonii

Jacob R. Moses

Sealey Challenge # 25

Tonii Langhorne AKA Tonii2Eyes is what is called an Entreprepoet. He is a go-getter who infuses poetry in every venture he creates. He is also the head of ii Publishing, the company putting together my upcoming full-length book of poetry. The book is especially beautiful since the pages are black with white writing. Well worth checking out. The man is a visionary.

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