Full Disclosure

Truthfully, I am afraid of where my life will go since I’m transitioning from mental health to academia. Full disclosure: taking a new direction in my life is exhausting. I have truly been burnt out for the past semester and I could have done a lot better had my energy levels been higher. I’m having back pain. I’m losing my redness. I’m getting old.

That said, I’ve remained young in spirit through my poetry. It’s kept me going throughout the worst places in my life. I appreciate all who have visited this page.


“Grimoire” by Jacob R. Moses

This is the cover of my first full-length poetry book under Jacob R. Moses. The title of the book is “Grimoire.” For those unfamiliar with the word, it’s a book of spells used by magicians of all varieties (wizards, witches, etc). I doubt you will turn into frogs when you read this book, but biodiversity is a good thing. Thank you to the folx at ii Publishing for putting so much love into this book.


Will I be inscribed
My name bound within His list
Signature intricate with the loops of my initials

A few minutes ago
My feet were planted firm
Yet my spirit fell on its knees
As I read the Kaddish
Within a crimson log of transliterated prayers

As I still stand here
I think of all the people I’ve lost
And the people I wish not to lose

Those who wrote of interglactic conspiracies
Those who lived the rest of their years imbibing wine
Those who went missing and were never found

I think of those I served
People granted freedom
Losing their lives
Losing their dignity
Losing their ability to keep their heads on straight

And then I think of the preventable fatalities
Ones who held nooses
Ones who boozed to death
Ones who constantly find cameo appearances in poems
As I mimic the stitchings of Mme. Defarge

Somber I remain
Wanting to scream for the mercy of God
Desiring the abdication of the throne
Where my rage bears the crown

I want to strip my sins and my ego
Lubricating my skin with support
Only to let it flake away
As air gets dryer
As cheeks get wetter
As vision gets more blurry
While letters do the dyslexic do-si-do

I need solace
I need a lifetime of solace
I need an economy-sized jar of solace
This year
And hopefully every year
I remain

-Jack M. Freedman (Jacob Moses)

Published in Breadcrumbs Magazine

Lingua Franca (poem)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Love languages, eclectic at their core
But they coincide with the universe
Our tongues operate the same more and more
Through crises, we too embrace the diverse
While we spend all our quarantine alone
This common ground we share will emanate
Decoding of the philosopher's stone
Reveals the dialect of human faith
Whether English or Spanish or Russian
Whether Chinese or Arabic or French
A poet's words will not cease in touching
Will not keep us trapped in this solemn trench
COVID-19 preys on the strong and weak
In turn, it's given us the words to speak

-Jacob Moses