Genesis of Jacob (poem)

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On the pink moon, I left behind a dozen years of instability
A tribe was born for every year I tossed insanity into the forge
Each tribe presented a gift rising from these sacrifices
My darkness illuminated by the rising sun of Reuben
My walls excavated through subterfuge of Simeon
My heart protected through vision of Levi
My weakness absolved via the lion’s heart of Judah
My justice calibrated through the scales of Dan
My kindness liberated by the doe of Naphtali
My community connected with the tents of Gad
My peace harvested within the olives of Asher
My universe explored through observations of Issachar
My finances supplemented by the travels of Zebulon
My dreams realized through many prophecies of Joseph
My sacrifices rationed through the appetite of Benjamin
Indiscretions Sacrileges Lamentations Transgressions
I become the Genesis in which my evolution tells me that Jacob is who I must be
I await the Exodus in which my revolution tells me that Israel is who I must embody
I am the healing force who dwells in gardens inherently nourished
I am the poet who has survived long enough to scribe his legacy

-Jacob Moses

Published in Auroras & Blossoms NaPoWriMo Anthology: 2020 Edition and Seance (Cyberwit, 2020).

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