Wizard of Willow (poem)

I am the evergreen
Wizard of Willow
Leaving offerings
Within her woods

Our roots are here
Sharing chalices
In this dimension
Of the wild unknown

She is where
Our tree of life
Sinks into the
Ground by the pond

Our hero of one 
Thousand branches
Our peacock’s tail 
Ambassador of light

Harboring treasures
In a cauldron
From ash to skin to gold
Alchemy of her eye

I am the illustrator
Of the ghosts
Where the murdered
Perch on benches

Where the spirits
Of the mentally disabled
Yearn for their innocence
To outweigh their deficits

Amid the heartache
We sit by the campfire
Where a ’69 Chevy
Remains intact

Driver missing
Mystery of the wheel
A fender hanging
Windows smashed

We grab these cups
In unity and solidarity
For like the tree of life
We shall not fall

We shall grasp
These gold goblets
For we are Willow
For Willow is us

For we are four
For four is us
We built the queendom
Crowned by corona

I am the Wizard
Joined by the Sultan
Aligned by the Commander
Protecting the Lily Pond

Ours is the kingdom
To which we give of
Ourselves and we all
Hike as one

-Jack M. Freedman (Jacob Moses)
Published in Eskimo Pie (2019)

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