Prima Materia (poem)

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

Burning the sage to engulf a new brand

Rich calcification is no sleight of hand

Repression and trauma, falling to the floor

Depression, dilemmas, kick them out the door

Dissolving the sorrows into the bare ground

Gushing of water declines by the pound

Tears begin running while scoping the womb

Escaping the wrath of a self imposed tomb

To separate solids, the opposites blend

To form the realities Hermes has penned

Severing egos, choose what will remain

In light of the burning and flushing of pain

Above and below, the conjunction will rise

Below and above, the bright gold is the prize

Our connections to deities rise to the top

Epiphanies crackling, revealing a pop

Fermenting and rotting, the shit hits the fan

Prima materia ceases its span

Old decomposing, breakdown persists

Let this antiquated perception desist

Distilling and purification transpires

The type of result that one often admires

Attachment to self and the heartache as well

Will mimic vibrations that send you to Hell

Coagulate, make sure the balance remains

Manifestation of riches contained

Spirit to spirit, the bridges now link

You and the world are now truly in sync

-Jacob Moses

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