Fan Photos of “Seance”

Fan photo from antifolk badass and one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Phoebe Blue
Seance fan photo from my good friend, Citrona Westley.
Fan photo from fellow poet, James Dean Rivera.
Photo by fellow poet and actor, Michael Zaiontz.
Seance put in the spotlight by Tom Hickey
Seance placement by Tom Hickey
Seance fan photo from friend and musician, Lou Alzamora.
Fan photo from fellow poet and revolutionary, Commander.
Fan photo from friend and creative collaborator, Wylie Phenix.
Fellow poet, Scottt Raven, wins the prize for creative Seance placement
Seance selfie from fellow poet, friend, and contemporary: Morningstar.
Seance inspired photo by Michael Zaiontz
Seance photo from Vincent Vok
Fan photo from friend and fellow poet, A.i. Firefly.
Copy of Seance taken by fellow poet Zach Katz.
Fan photo from emerging poet, Ryan Enderes.
Thank you to musician and fellow poet Vincent Vok for submitting this fan photo.
Seance photo from Rocío Uchofen
Testimonial from fellow poet, Kassie J. Runyan:

“Astounding. Deep. Thought provoking. Inspiring. I received this collection of poetry last week and I’ve read it 6 times. Go buy this from Jacob Moses. You won’t be sorry.”
Seance held by fellow author Ray Melnik
Selfie with Seance by poet and editor Ghia Vitale
Fan photo from poet-in-arms, Keisha Molby-Baez.

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