The Calliope Script – Dream Gods : A Pantheon of Unknowns JULY 2021 PREORDER NOW!

I’m definitely in love with all things alchemical!

Aurora Imelda Firefly, MCMA

From The Calliope Script website:

Paperback edition of ”The Dream Gods: A Pantheon of Unknowns” – an anthology of poetry and visual art that explore the deepest recesses of the mind and the soul.

Inspired by Jungian archetypes, alchemical symbolism and the journey to self-realisation, this collection brings together the creations of over 30 poets and artists in a collective excavation of what it means to be both monstrous and divine – what it means to be human.

***This book is available via PREORDER ONLY and the number of copies will be limited to the number of copies preordered.
The cut-off date for grabbing yourself a copy of this LIMITED EDITION delight is
24th August 2021 with copies being shipped within 10 days of that date.***

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