UnOfficial Who’s Who Handbook of the Shaolin Universe — The SemiDefinitive Directory of the Staten Island Creative Community — Volume 1

Very fortunate to be included in the Shaolin Poetic Universe!

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Zach In The Hat

Origin: At 12 years old, Zach Katz got his first taste of rejection. And the absorption rate at which it traveled through his system was unprecedented. The resulting power surge was enormous! After the transference was complete, the mild-mannered Zach Katz became the too cool Zach In The Hat.

Powers: Advanced analytical abilities; can determine one’s level of depression by how much dirty clothes they have on the floor of their home. Gifted storyteller; can spin tales into intricate patterns and tapestries. Possesses a mound of curly locks which serve as a Samsonesque power source when needed.

Weakness: Wetzel’s Pretzels


aka Doug G. Fresh

Summary: Spits poetry with the gale force of high-speed tropical wings. The wind caused by words blowing off the page affects weather patterns everywhere. Mr. G, a Hall of Fame weatherman, predicted Doug’s rapid…

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