Another recommendation from my advisor (“Yet Another Pink Floyd Poem”)

Hi Jack! 

I hope you are doing well! I wanted to reach out as I was able to do some reading over the last couple of days. While I am pretty immersed in my current novel of choice (Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, check out One Hundred Years of Solitude by him if you want to check out, what is probably my favorite novel), I happened to read a few of your poems! One that stuck out to me was “Yet Another Pink Floyd Poem”. I want to tell you a couple of reasons why I enjoyed this! 

1.) I love music and I love Pink Floyd. I love reading and I spend a lot of time reading these days, but music has always been my first love. My parents were never huge music fans, we didn’t have music playing in the house all the time growing up or instruments laying around. So music was always something that I had for myself and I have spent a lot of time searching out for music that struck me that wasn’t just playing on pop radio. Pink Floyd was always a band that I felt a connection to as not only is their music spiritual and inviting, but their lyrics are also begging to be discovered and dissected. Their music always seems like there was something below the surface and if you pressed your ear close enough, you just might find it. I love that. 

2.) Soooooo, when I started to read your poem, I thought to myself, there is something here! What is it? I then started to notice that each stanza represented a song on Dark Side of the Moon. It was a very “Pink Floyd” type of thing to do. It really made me smile because not only is the poem beautiful and representative of the struggles we face in our daily lives as we navigate this crazy world, but there was something else there under the surface that invites you into their lore and connectivity. I really appreciated that. 

I had this on my mind and wanted to send it off to you before I forgot. I hope things are going well! 



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